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Register your company on the TGR 24 portal and you will get a bilingual company profile in English and Arabic. The basic version is available free of charge, or you can pay a fee to access the full version, with the possibility of an additional upgrade to include premium products and services. User profile configuration, space for photographs, videos, references, contacts. The portal offers detailed search and visitor statistics.

Free options

One renewable year advertisement
Bilingual English and Arabic company profile presentation (free)
Company’s name (free)
Company’s premises (free)
Company’s country (free)
Working hours (free)
Incorporation year (free)
Company’s classification (free)
Type of company (free)
Description of the company (up to 600 letters)

Paid options

Telephone No.
Person in charge
Youtube video

Paid options for the product pages

1 product with full description, photos and video
Up to 5 products with full description, photos and videos
Up to 8 products/ services with full description, photos and videos

Extra options:

Translation services for the company profile and the product pages (price upon inspection)
Translation and production services for the videos (price upon inspection)